ATO Submission – Petition Active


I just signed the petition, “Australian Taxation Office: Simpler and Fairer Taxation of Cryptocurrencies in Australia.” I think this is important. Some friends of mine put this submission together in answer to the A.T.O. calling for input from the general public on how to tax cryptocurrencies. I am grateful to them for the proactive effort they are giving to try and steer forthcoming taxation laws on cryptocurrencies to a fair and workable footing.

Will you sign it too?

I believe this petition needs to be spread and I ask you to pass it to everyone you can. It would be particularly helpful if it could also be introduced to other blockchain groups around the country.

Here’s the link to both the submission and the petition:


Yours Sincerely,

Scott Burow
Sunshine Coast Blockchain Group

Episode 7: Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto Podcast

On episode 7 Casey Pyne speaks to Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto Podcast! They talk about Travis’s interview with John MacAfee, his favourite ICOs, why you should keep your crypto safe and more!

Travis’s Twitter

Bad Crypto Podcast

John MacAfee’s Prediction Tracker

Casey’s Twitter


Crypto Talk Facebook Group

Crypto Merchant——Red Rooster (Brisbane Airport)

Get sick of onboard caterings? Why don’t you grasp some tasty, fresh and tender roast chicken when flying out of the Brisbane Airport? 😁😁

Red Rooster in Brisbane Airport (in both Domestic and International Terminal) now accept cryptos. 👏👏👏 Pay with 💰Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethererum, and Dash💰

Monthly Brisbane Bitcoin Meetup

Our monthly Bitcoin Cash meetup in Fortitude Valley Brisbane is on tonight at 6:30pm!

Brendan Lee will be talking about announcements and projects that was released at Satoshi’s Vision in Tokyo, Japan.

Myself Liam O’Luachra will be talking about the difference between open source and proprietary software and why you should use a open source wallet.

Special Guest Steve Shadders whom is one of the lead developers at nChain will be talking about decentralised development.

At the end we will demonstrate how to use your Bitcoin Cash wallet and give out free BCH!

It will be hosted at River City Labs.

For more information please visit If you plan on coming please RSVP yes.

Funded by The Bitcoin Cash Foundation.