Crypto Merchant- Sure Solar

The future is bright.  Sure Solar will set you up with a solar energy system for your home, and now you can pay using cryptocurrency. Sure Solar are sun specialists and handle projects of all sizes in QLD and beyond.


Crypto Merchant-Hungry Joes Pizza & Ribs

Our North Territory merchant network continues to grow. Say “hello” to our newest Bitcoin-accepting merchant: Hungry Joes Pizza & Ribs. Check out the selection of deep dish pizza, wings, garlic bread, and even ice cream. Available in-store using cryptocurrency.

Block Talk – Perth, Western Australia


Action packed interviews with the evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and those behind the blockchain technologies leading the way in Western Australia.

Top industry experts in this field gathering together to discuss how crypto and blockchain are transforming business. This is a chance to find out everything you need to know about the latest innovations in cryptocurrency and blockchain happening right in Perth, WA.


Anja Nova – Power Ledger

Mark Andrich – Sustainable Platform

Allan AKA ‘Big Al’ Connolly – GEN Australia

Aden Michielsen – Taurus Institute

Abheeti Pass – Crypto Clotheline Radio

Chinelle Westhuizen – University of Notre Dame.

Dirk BaurProfessor of Finance at the University of Western Australia (Perth).

Joshua Hunt – HopgoodGanim Lawyers

Johnny Swanepoel – Blockchain Fremantle, Blockchain Perth

Martin Purcell – Titan Digital

Nick Martin – Taurus Institute

Crypto Merchant: Port Stephens Motel

Now you can visit the beautiful Port Stephens using digital currencies.  The cool and cozy Port Stephens Motel now accepts Bitcoin and other currencies! Visit the area’s 26 beaches, gourmet restaurants, and much more. Ring up or walk in to book:  

Crypto Merchant: Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters

One of the most memorable experiences money can buy: sail through the harbour with Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters, Sydney’s leading luxury boat hire specializing in superyacht hire, weddings, and more. Book now using cryptocurrency for a day you won’t forget. visit

A Tale of Two Bitcoins – Video by Hayden Otto on the Uprising of Bitcoin Cash

We live in a fast-paced world where commerce is built on the backbone of reliable tap & go transactions. A superior alternative emerged with the birth of Bitcoin; trustless p2p electronic cash that’s independent of central banks, governments, or any other centralized middle-men. Bitcoin allowed people create secure, instant transactions that were virtually free. These characteristics made it a convenient payment method for merchants and users, as you only needed to broadcast your transaction to the network and you’re done.