Blockchain Australia Job Opening

Head of Policy

Full Time

Deadline: May 17th 2024

Position Overview:

Blockchain Australia is seeking an experienced and dynamic Head of Policy to lead our policy development and advocacy efforts. The Head of Policy will play a pivotal role in shaping regulatory frameworks, engaging with government stakeholders, and driving industry collaboration to advance the adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets in Australia.


Key Responsibilities:
● Policy Leadership: Lead the development of a comprehensive policy agenda to promote the responsible adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, industry leaders, and working groups to formulate innovative policy proposals.
● Government Engagement: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with government officials, regulatory bodies, and policymakers at the federal and state levels. Advocate for policies that support innovation, consumer protection, and industry growth in the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem.
● Stakeholder engagement: Engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including other industry associations, academic institutions, and members. Foster collaboration and consensus-building to address shared challenges and advance common objectives in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. Extract industry sentiment and ensure it is clearly reflected in submissions and responses to consultations, providing a nuanced understanding of the sector’s perspectives.
● Strategic Advocacy: Drive strategic advocacy efforts to raise awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology and digital assets among policymakers, industry stakeholders,and the public. Represent Blockchain Australia in public forums, industry events, and regulatory consultations to articulate our vision and priorities.
● Policy Development: Lead the formulation of policy recommendations and position papers on key issues impacting the blockchain and digital assets industry. Collaborate with industry leaders and government agencies (ASIC, Treasury, AUSTRAC) to develop policy solutions that address emerging challenges and opportunities.
● Project Management: Efficiently manage multiple working groups, consultations, meetings with government officials, and events such as roundtables. Ensure the seamless coordination of these activities to achieve desired outcomes and facilitate
effective communication among stakeholders. 


Applications close May 17th 2024 at 5pm AEST.

Enquiries to be directed to: Amy-Rose Goodey, COO, Blockchain Australia [email protected]