Strategic Priorities

2023 – 2024

Mission & Vision 

Blockchain Australia’s mission is to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and government across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.

As Australia’s peak industry network, Blockchain Australia envisions Australia as a leading economic hub for the development and proliferation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology in business on an internationally competitive scale. The organisation will shape the business environment through industry collaboration and alignment, and be a contributing voice to the attentive design of a fit-for-purpose regulatory environment.

Commitment to Members


Our tradition of high caliber events will continue and grow this year, including Blockchain Week and the Blockies and expanding to include networking breakfasts and opportunities for members. Our measure of success will be increased attendance and broader publicity for our events.

Engagement & Exposure 

We will have greater direct engagement with, and opportunities to showcase our members to help lift the profile of positive blockchain stories and events with greater social media and newsletter output. Our measure of success is our staff speaking with all members directly, as well as our mailer and social and traditional media visibility.

Growth & Certainty for Businesses

Our work towards fit-for-purpose regulation in 2023, alongside our members, will be essential to reaching an outcome that gives our members greater certainty on which to build their businesses. Our measure for success will be our member’s views of the pending regulation of the industry.

Commitment to the Public


We seek to bring more of the public into our major events this year, including Blockchain Week and we will measure first time attendees and non-member attendances as our measure of success.


Great education around blockchain technology is essential and we will partner with stakeholders and members to spread more education and awareness of the benefits of blockchains. We will publish guides and collaborate on education to measure our success.


We seek to bring greater information and awareness of our work and our members’ businesses to the general public to help deliver on our purpose and mission. Our metrics for success will be views and events bringing that awareness to more of the general public.

Commitment to Government

Policy / Regulation

We will press for fit for purpose blockchain regulation to keep Australia competitive and to combat the ongoing “brain drain” of Australia founders and projects. We will inform and submit that Australia builds on the hard work of other nations to help Australia be a “fast follower”. Success will be measured by our members and professionals in the space measuring the regulation made against global standards.


Our membership and their customers need to be heard at government level so their needs are taken properly into account, we will ensure those voices are heard and considered in the policy / regulation process. Our success will be measured in members being heard and voices being submitted to the government through education and engagement.


We are committed to direct education of key policy-makers and continuing to reach out and try to engage with regulators to help them understand the benefits of blockchain and the blockers for our members in regulation and procurement within the Government. Our success will be seen in senior government members understanding the positive aspects of blockchain and the importance of the regulatory interface.

We, the Board of Blockchain Australia, have adopted these Strategic Priorities and will work to deliver them with the Blockchain Australia team.