Blockchain Australia welcomes the release today of the National Blockchain Roadmap.

“This is a critical step in advancing blockchain innovation in Australia” said Blockchain Australia CEO, Nicholas Giurietto. “We are delighted to have contributed to the development of the Roadmap through our participation in the Advisory Committee.”

“The Roadmap identifies the enormous potential economic benefit of the strategic deployment of blockchain technology in Australia – particularly in the areas of supply chain, educational qualifications and credentials and identity. It provides a pathway for Australia to ensure that it gets our share of the $3 Trillion dollars of business benefit that will be generated globally by 2030.”

“All 12 of the key recommendations of the Roadmap are important but the standout recommendation is to establish a model for collaboration between industry, academia and government on progressing key blockchain use cases. Experience overseas has shown that an active partnership between these critical economic actors is the most effective way to prioritise opportunities and mobilise collective resources for change.”

“The National Blockchain Roadmap creates renewed impetus for the Blockchain CRC initiative that is currently underway. This provides a natural vehicle for the cross-sector collaboration required to advance blockchain innovation. Blockchain Australia will continue to work with key partners across industry and academia to build this initiative.”

“Minister Andrews and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources have laid out a practical pathway for Australia to ensure that we are at the forefront of blockchain innovation in the years ahead and win the economic rewards that will flow. The next critical step will be the response of the Australian business community in working together to make sure that happens. Blockchain Australia will continue to work with all stakeholders to bring that about.”


Nicholas Giurietto
Blockchain Australia


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