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We’re Evolving

Blockchain Australia is rebranding to Digital Economy Council of Australia


During Blockchain Week 2024, we announced that Blockchain Australia would transition to the Digital Economy Council of Australia (DECA).  This evolution recognises the foundational role of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and digital assets in driving Australia’s digital economy and our commitment to supporting and advocating for members and businesses harnessing these transformative technologies.As we approach the official launch of DECA in the coming weeks, members will notice updates across our platforms, collateral, and events and we encourage you to stay tuned for more information as we engage directly with you.


What We Do

Blockchain Australia encourages and advocates for the adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.


Blockchain Australia provides a platform for trusted voices in the community to develop & communicate considered views. Developing policy, delivering momentum.


Education and information drives adoption. Blockchain Australia works to inform those who seek to participate in the shift to a digital economy.


The amplification of stories, the creation of attention. Blockchain Australia works with its stakeholders to have their stories heard.


Technology needs connection to succeed. We bring the best & brightest in the industry together. Fostering relationships, facilitating business.

Working Groups

At the core of Blockchain Australia’s value to both its members and the broader community is the expertise of those who are working to build web3. 

Those experts serve to inform others and drive the policy and regulatory agenda. They do so by understanding the implications involved in the development of blockchain technology.

They apply that knowledge through the communication of that information across a variety of working groups that address and impact the most critical and topical challenges facing the industry. Developing all facets of blockchain in Australia.


Code of Conduct

Leadership acts to raise awareness.

Standards act to define best practice.

The implementation of best practice provides the mechanism for industry leadership to be identified, Blockchain Australia expects its members to uphold the highest of standards and to strive to raise the profile and reputation of the industry.

Membership Types

Blockchain Australia is Australia’s peak industry network for businesses implementing or evaluating blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

Collectively, Blockchain Australia members and the industries they service advance the adoption of blockchain technology in Australia. The members and industry partners work together to advocate for appropriate regulatory and policy settings.

The amplification of projects is a priority of the organisation.

Industry Professional

Professional membership is designed for individuals seeking to leverage our network, promotions, news and events. 

Corporate & Advisory

Corporate & Advisory membership for large-scale businesses, corporate entities and consultancy firms. 

Small & Medium Enterprise

Membership for businesses from Micro/Pre-Revenue to Medium Enterprise. SME’s are the engine room of economies. 

Digital Currency

Digital Currency membership is for businesses trading, investing, or offering services related to digital currencies. Note, if your business requires a DCE number issues by AUSTRAC, you will fall into this category.


Scam Alerts

Unfortunately scams and scammers exist in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. 

They prey on people’s insecurities, lack of knowledge and are opportunistic. The best defence to these fake opportunities is to be aware of the tactics used to deceive.

Education is the best line of defence. 

Member Spotlight

Celebrating 10 Years


Blockchain in Australia is thriving and bursting with stories. Discover more about the remarkable journey & achievements of our diverse community as we celebrate 10 years of Blockchain Australia. 

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Kraken, via Bit Trade, are proudly founding members of Blockchain Australia. Kraken’s co-founders made early investments in nurturing the local crypto landscape. Motivated by the challenges of managing a business amid regulatory complexities, particularly during the era when cryptocurrency faced adversity, notably the threat of GST on Bitcoin, the industry came together under what then called Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association (ADCCA), to respond.  Joining ADCCA, now Blockchain Australia was imperative. A notable memory includes participation in the inaugural Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain event in 2017 as it marked milestones in industry growth. Envisioning blockchain’s future, we foresee transformative impacts on finance, advocating for financial freedom. Our advice to fellow members: speak up, engage actively, and persevere in problem-solving.




Hashlock became a member of Blockchain Australia in 2022, drawn by the amazing community, networking opportunities, and a desire to contribute to the Australian ecosystem. A standout recent memory is when Jock, one of our Co-Founders and Directors, received the prestigious Rising Star award at the Blockies ceremony in 2023. Looking ahead, the future of blockchain technology in Australia is envisioned as a landscape marked by rapid growth in enterprise blockchain. Stablecoins and interoperability are also foundational points of focus. For fellow members, the advice is to stay engaged and attend as many events as possible, fostering connections and staying at the forefront of industry developments.



Redbelly Network

Redbelly Network became a member of Blockchain Australia in March 2023, viewing it as a crucial platform for driving local innovation and advocating for blockchain technology. Memorable achievements include being named a finalist for Innovation Partner of the Year at the 2023 Blockies Awards and our Founder and CTO, Professor Vincent Gramoli, participating as a panelist at prominent events like the Australian Blockchain Security Summit and Blockchain Week in 2023. Envisioning the future, Redbelly Network is set to become the world’s largest platform in terms of TVL for Real World Assets upon our launch in 2024. Australia will be a leader in the space of regulated digital asset tokenisation. Our advice to fellow members: dedication, good leadership, and unwavering vision are key to success.


Industry News

Updates of interest to the ecosystem and the key developments for those participating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

Blockchain Australia Job Opening

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Blockchain Australia Future Policy Recommendations

Future Policy Recommendations Shaping Digital Asset Regulation in Australia March 2024 Blockchain Australia, the peak industry body for blockchain in Australia, unveiled our Future Recommendations paper at the Australian Parliament House on March 19, 2024. The paper...

International Partnerships

Blockchain Australia recognises that relationships matter, that the strength of the networks built across borders aid both local and international ecosystems alike. For that reason, we prioritise the development of strong ties with jurisdictions that seek to foster collaboration. Our international partnerships and initiatives include

ASEAN Blockchain Associations

Blockchain Associations Forum

International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications