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ProvenDB uses Blockchain technology to create the world’s first genuinely trustworthy database. ProvenDB bridges the gap between database and Blockchain.It layers on top of a standard database engine adding core Blockchain characteristics of Immutability, Tamper Detection, Point-in-time History, and Data Provenance.

You’d use ProvenDB to build applications in security, financial and accounting, document management (legal, IP, etc) and in regulated industries where data integrity is crucial.

By integrating Blockchain and Database technology, ProvenDB reduces the risks, delays and performance problems inherent in Blockchain projects.

ProvenDB is a MongoDB compatible database service that combines traditional database capabilities with Blockchain characteristics such as immutability. Using ProvenDB, you can write applications which anchor data to a public Blockchain, providing cryptographic proofs of the integrity and history of the data.

Applications developed with ProvenDB gain Blockchain characteristics of trust, immutability and tamper-proofing, but avoid the project risks involved when trying to force an existing Blockchain to act like a database.

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