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Luca Plus

LUCA Plus is an advanced e-invoicing network system using Blockchain technology that aims to ease cash flow for small-medium size businesses by enabling them to get paid faster, saving time and money on bookkeeping and protecting them from fraudulent invoices. We are an accredited access point provider ( PEPPOL Accredited) and the trust bridge between different suppliers and customers accounting systems. LUCA Plus is a game changing e-invoicing network system making financial transactions simpler, smarter and faster.

Every single invoice or bill transaction has been and will be recorded through LUCA Plus onto the blockchain system we have built ourselves. Therefore, all the financial transactions are immutable, more transparent and easier to trace. We have recorded more than 200,000 invoices on our blockchain so far which have been sent and received by SMEs in Australia and other countries. We have provided a much more secure and trustworthy audit trail for financial transactions with hash attached. Our Blockchain also allows transactions to be transferred between public, private and consortium chain.

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