March 2019 Newsletter

In this edition:
  • ADCA and Blockchain Australia Plan to Merge
  • CEO’s Message: National Blockchain Roadmap Initiative
  • $100,000 in Federal Government support to attend Consensus in New York
  • Women on the Block – National Reception
  • Australian Blockchain Industry Innovation Awards
  • Welcome to our New Members

A United Voice for Blockchain in Australia

ADCA and Blockchain Australia plan to merge


ADCA and Blockchain Australia have announced a plan to merge the two organisations to create a stronger and consistent voice advocating for the blockchain community in Australia.


Traditionally, ADCA’s focus has been on businesses utilising or investigating blockchain technology – from start-ups to SME’s and through to corporates – and it has worked with regulators and policy makers to create a positive environment for blockchain-based innovation.


Blockchain Australia has built a strong grassroots network across the wider blockchain community spanning entrepreneurs, developers, investors and many passionate individuals and runs regular MeetUps and policy discussions.


Bringing the two organisations together will allow the whole Australian blockchain community to speak more clearly and consistently to key stakeholders including governments and regulators and will strengthen the connections between all parts of the Australian blockchain ecosytem.


Combining the skills and energy of the members of both organisations will allow us to achieve far more together than through separate efforts.


Although some details remain to be finalised, the Boards of the two organisations are working together to launch the merged entity – to be known as Blockchain Australia – on July 1st.


Watch this space as we roll out new and exciting programs for our combined membership!


Yours sincerely,

Ron Tucker                 Adam Poulton
Chair                           Chair
ADCA                         Blockchain Australia


CEO’s Message
Federal Government Launches National Blockchain Roadmap Initiative
Opportunity to Shape Blockchain Innovation Priorities

Nick Giurietto, ADCA CEO & Managing Director


I recently attended the Global Blockchain Summit in Adelaide which was organised by the ADC Forum with the support of the South Australian Government.  ADCA was a proud partner for the summit.


The summit attracted notable blockchain entrepreneurs, technologists and regulators from around the world with at least 33 nationalities represented along with several hundred participants from across Australia.


The South Australian Government must be very pleased with the results of its proactive support for the blockchain community with three international blockchain businesses – Binance, Shyft and Salt Lending – all announcing that they would use Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen as their springboard into the Australian market.


The summit also saw the exciting news of the planned merger between ADCA and Blockchain Australia.  Watch this space for new initiatives from our combined organisations!

And the Federal Government too had some important news with Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews announcing $100,000 in support for Australian blockchain companies to attend the upcoming Consensus conference in New York (see next story) as well as plans to develop a national blockchain roadmap.


“The national strategy puts us on the front foot in exploring how government and industry can enhance the long-term development of blockchain and its uses”

Karen Andrews

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology


The roadmap will focus on a number of policy areas including regulation, skills and capacity building, innovation, investment, and international competitiveness and collaboration.


ADCA welcomes this initiative and looks forward to working with the government and other key stakeholders to help shape a clear vision – and priorities – for the most effective use of blockchain technology in Australia.


ADCA – and the new merged, Blockchain Australia – is eager to contribute the insights of blockchain entrepreneurs, developers and both start-up and larger businesses to this important initiative.

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Giurietto

CEO & Managing Director



Australian Blockchain Mission to Consensus in New York
$100,000 in Federal Government Support for Australian Companies to Attend


New York is home to the world’s biggest blockchain conference, Consensus. The 2019 program is bigger than ever and is expected to attract almost 10,000 participants.  Key speakers will include leading technologists, regulators and business entrepreneurs.  The accompanying mission program will include networking activities to help Australian businesses find customers, partners and investors in the Big Apple.


ADCA is proud to once again work in partnership with Austrade to put together an Australian delegation to attend Consensus along with a dedicated Australia Lounge as a focus for Australian engagement.


Excitingly, the Federal Government has recently announced $100,000 in support to assist Australian blockchain companies to attend the event.


Applications close on April 5!

Register your interest in joining the New York Mission here.

Women in Blockchain
National Women in Blockchain Reception – Monday, July 22
To celebrate the achievements of Australia’s female blockchain leaders, Australia’s first National Women in Blockchain Reception will be held in Sydney on July 22 as an opening function for the 2019 APAC Blockchain Conference.
The idea for a national Women in Blockchain event was sparked in a discussion between Karen Cohen and Katrina Donaghy.
Already, there is an active organising committee featuring a number of Australia’s other female blockchain leaders.

Organising Committee Leaders, Karen Cohen & Katrina Donaghy

As well as the opportunity for networking among Australia’s Women in Blockchain – and their male counterparts who will be more than welcome – the event will be preceded by a mentoring session for emerging female talents in the blockchain space.

Full details of the event and how to register will be available shortly.




Australian Blockchain Innovation Awards
Gala Awards Dinner – July 23, Sydney

ADCA is delighted to announce the inaugural Australian Blockchain Innovation Awards or “Blockies”.
The awards will recognise both individuals and businesses that have played a leading role in championing the responsible adoption of blockchain technology in Australia.
Blockchain Policymaker of the Year
Blockchain Innovator of the Year
Blockchain Entrepreneur of the Year
Female Blockchain Leader of the Year
Blockchain Leader of the Year
Blockchain Advisor of the Year
Blockchain Blockchain Start Up of the Year
Blockchain Project (Government) of the Year
Blockchain Project (Corporate) of the Year
Blockchain Business of the Year
The Blockies will be announced at a Gala Reception to be held in conjunction with the APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney on 23 July.
Full details of the award criteria and application process will be released shortly.


Welcome to our new members

A warm welcome to our new members:


Founded in 2014, Ledger is a global market leader in cybersecurity, focusing on infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Paris, with offices in Vierzon, New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, Ledger has a team of over 200 professionals developing a variety of products and services designed to safeguard cryptographic assets for individuals, enterprises, and machines.



Murray Waldren Consulting

At Murray Waldren Consulting we specialise in providing current and upcoming Reporting Entities with AML/CTF advice, support and strategies to help you meet your Regulatory obligations. Our collaborative and agile approach will help you to identify and respond to your broader Regulatory compliance obligations.

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