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Blockchain Australia is proud to support NFT Fest 2021

Blockchain Australia is proud to support NFT Fest 2021, which will be delivered virtually on Thursday 30th September 2021.

A first of its kind event in Australia featuring an agenda that includes 45+ speakers from across Australia and the world. People and projects developing and delivering NFT Technology solutions, start-ups, marketplaces and games.

A unique opportunity to observe the early stage development of a new ecosystem.

“The development of NFT projects across Australia and the world are occurring at an extraordinary pace. Digital value is being recognised in a way never seen before. We’re seeing the music, sports and gaming industries all set to be transformed. NFTFest offers you a front row seat at the beginning of it all all”

Steve Vallas CEO Blockchain Australia

For your convenience we’ve included a summary list of our speakers, their roles & organisations together with their social handles HERE. Speakers include Senator Andrew Bragg, Animoca Brands, VeVe and World of Women.

For more information about NFT Fest including media inquiries and interviews please contact Riichelle Cox at  [email protected] or Blockchain Australia at [email protected]