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Targeting scams: 2020 ACCC report into scam activity

The ACCC’s 12th annual report providing insight into scam activity

The report includes insights into scam activity in 2020. A year in which scammers took advantage of the COVID19 environment. 

The accelerated shift to a digital first environment for business also also saw increased collaboration across government, law enforcement and the private sector.

Key facts include: 

  • $850 million to scams 
  • 444,164 scam reports 
  • $328 million lost to investment scams ƒ 
  • $131 million lost to romance scams
  • $128 million lost to business email compromise 

Education, vigilance and research all aid in the reduction of scam success rates. Blockchain Australia encourages all members of the community to consider the contents of this report. 

To find our more download the full report 

accc targeting scams report