About Us

Blockchain Australia is the industry body that represents Australian businesses and other organisations participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology.

What We Do

Blockchain Australia aims to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.

Our Vision

Blockchain Australia aspires to see an Australia that leads the world in the adoption of blockchain technology that has transformed the economy and society to achieve significantly greater competitiveness, efficiency, service quality, social engagement and employment.

Blockchain Australia Team


Steve Vallas

CEO Blockchain Australia

Karen Cohen

State President - Victoria

Katrina Donaghy

State President - Queensland

Leigh Travers

State President - Western Australia

Jason Lee

Executive Education Program Director

Amy-Rose Goodey

Membership Manager

Merilee Lewis

Communications Manager

Fellows of Blockchain Australia

The Australian blockchain community involves an increasing number of talented individuals combining passion and insight to help drive innovation in businesses and government.  Blockchain Australia is delighted to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of a number of those individuals by appointing them as Fellows of Blockchain Australia.


Blockchain Australia merged with ADCA in July 2019. ADCA was founded in 2014 with just three members.  Today we have over 80 members representing the full range of blockchain businesses in Australia and helping shape government and regulatory policy.


Blockchain Australia is a not for profit company limited by guarantee with the purpose of promoting the responsible adoption of blockchain technology in Australia. The Constitution governs the operations of Blockchain Australia.


Blockchain is a global phenomenon. Blockchain Australia partners with key blockchain, educational and government bodies around the world to help us achieve our goals.  Learn more about our key alliances.

Blockchain Australia Board


Leigh Travers, Treasurer

Chief Executive Officer, DigitalX Ltd

Karen Cohen, Board Secretary

Founder, Blockconsulting Group

David Jackson

Founder and Managing Director, S2M Digital Recruitment

Paul Pounendis

President Adelaide Blockchain

Adrian Przelozny

CEO and Co-Founder, Independent Reserve

Grant Colthup

CEO, Mine Digital

Michael Go

CEO, Sydney Stock Exchange

Anya Nova

Crypto Economist, Power Ledger



Blockchain Australia Members Code of Ethical Conduct

The Blockchain Australia Code of Ethical Conduct defines principles of ethical business behaviour designed to guide best-practice business decisions and responsible decision-making. The code is binding upon all Blockchain Australia member organisations who agree to adhere to the general ethical principles and the specific rules where applicable.

Australian Digital Currency Code of Conduct

The Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct establishes best-practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia. Blockchain Australia Certified digital currency businesses offer peace of mind to consumers as they have passed an external audit demonstrating compliance with these standards.

Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain

Senator Jane Hume

Hon. Matt Keogh MP

The Australian Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain is a bi-partisan group of members of the Commonwealth Parliament who are interested in the potential for blockchain technology to transform most areas of the Australian economy and society.

The Co-Convenors of the Australian Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain are Senator Jane Hume (Liberal, Victoria) and the Hon. Matt Keogh MP (Labor, WA).

The members of the Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain receive briefings from Blockchain Australia and other members of the Australian blockchain community on key topics of interest and host an annual industry reception at Parliament House in Canberra.

“The Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain, co-convened by Matt Keogh MP and myself, works across party lines to raise awareness of the opportunities, innovations and efficiencies that blockchain technology presents.  Our forums are an exchange of ideas across sectors and an opportunity for blockchain innovators and users to speak to industry and public sector users and parliamentarians directly.  Through explanations and exploration of the applications of blockchain technology, the Parliamentary Friendship Group hope to generate new opportunities for industry participants and new efficiencies for government”, says Senator Jane Hume.

“It is essential as lawmakers that we are across emergent technologies to regulate and to take advantage of them to improve society. The Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain provides a key way for us to keep abreast of developments in and promote engagement with the blockchain community”, says the Hon. Matt Keogh MP.

Blockchain Australia