Tax Working Group

Taxation and tax administration issues are key areas requiring legal certainty for both businesses operating token-based business models and their customers.

Blockchain Australia’s Tax Working Group is engaged with key regulators including the ATO and Treasury to achieve the following goals:

  • identify and prioritise areas of business uncertainty in the application and understanding of tax law as it applies to the digital asset sector and work to provide clarity;
  • identify and prioritise any policy gaps, conflicts and opportunities that either hinder or will support the mainstream adoption of digital assets in the wider economy;
  • assist in the education of digital currency exchanges and proponents of token offerings regarding their legal reporting and other taxation obligations;
  • co-design efficient and effective business processes to support government administration and regulation requirements while keeping the business impact on digital asset businesses to the necessary minimum; and,
  • support initiatives to educate consumers on their digital asset taxation obligations.

The members of the Blockchain Australia Tax Working Group are:

Sarah Hickey (Chair)

Joni Pirovich
Mills Oakley

Chris Pham
Associate Director
BlueRock Accounting

Sally Elliott
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Trewhella
Director – Tax
Grant Thornton

Nathan Westwood
Shin Rokyu Trust

Michael Antoniades
Operations Manager
BTC Markets

Blockchain Australia