Financial Crimes Committee

Blockchain Australia is committed to best-practice for the understanding and management of Financial Crimes and Counter-Terrorist Financing risks impacting digital currency and digital token exchanges and their customers. The Financial Crimes Committee/CTF Committee guides Blockchain Australia’s strategy and activity in this area.

Key activities include:

  • Administration of the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct including applications for certification and renewal.
  • Facilitation of Financial Crimes Committee/CTF best practice exchange among Blockchain Australia members
  • Liaison with key regulators including AUSTRAC, ASIC & ACCC
  • Support for consumer education initiatives

The members of the Blockchain Australia Financial Crimes Committee are:

Paul Derham (Chair)
Holley Nethercote

Chris Cass
Forensic Consultant, Financial Services

Aub Chapman
Aub Chapman & Associates

Alexa Freeman (Secretary, Code of Conduct Certification & Compliance)
Senior Associate
Holley Nethercote

Philip Joe-Low
Risk, Regulatory & Compliance Specialist
Vix Verify

Alice Saveneh-Murray
Murray Waldren Consulting

Blockchain Australia