Blockchain Australia Team

Jason Lee

Executive Education Program Director

Jason is the Executive Education Program Director for Blockchain Australia. He is also the Honorary Secretary, on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and a Council Member Foundation

Jason works with Foundation which is recognised as one of the top ranking blockchain technology organisations based on cryptocurrency market capitalisation ($XEM). The foundation exists to support the commercialisation of the NEM blockchain protocol. NEM Foundation was a finalist for excellence in blockchain/distributed ledger for the FinTech Australia 2018’s FinTech awards.

Jason is an advisory board member for Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation, Blockchain Centre Melbourne and is a co-founder and strategic advisor to various startups in the FinTech industry. He has represented NEM Foundation in 30 cities over the past year as a speaker and partnerships lead. Before working with NEM, Jason had experience in legal, banking, wealth management and innovation consulting.

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