digital currency tax summit 2024

About the Summit

We are excited to announce the Digital Currency Tax Summit 2024, a pivotal one-day forum tailored for accountants, tax consultants, financial advisors, auditors, legal professionals, and crypto enthusiasts. Scheduled for April 2024 in Brisbane, the summit is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tax landscape related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Australia. This event serves as an exceptional opportunity for professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills in digital currency taxation and its application in the current financial landscape.

Why Attend?

Expert Knowledge: Gain up-to-date insights from industry experts and regulatory authorities.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and leaders in finance and digital currency.

Professional Growth: Enhance your skillset in digital currency taxation, an increasingly important area in finance.


CPD Self-Assessment Opportunity: This summit is an excellent platform for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Attendees are encouraged to:

Reflect on Learning: Assess the knowledge gained and consider its application in your professional context.

Document Insights: Record your learnings and experiences from the summit, aiding in your CPD documentation.

Self-Assess CPD Contributions: Evaluate how participation in this summit contributes towards your CPD requirements, enhancing your professional growth and expertise in the field of digital currency taxation.