Women in Blockchain: Talking with Riley Kinnunen, EE3 and Flux Party

This month, Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup will be talking with Riley Kinnunen, Co-Founder of EE3 and a key organiser of the Flux Party. EE3 is a blockchain company building a market place for the trading of carbon credits. The Flux Party is a political movement using blockchain technology to modernise our democratic systems. https://voteflux.org/

Riley is a mathematician and a technologist, an early adopter of Bitcoin and is deeply immersed in blockchain technology. When not working hard behind the scenes at Flux, Riley is involved in a number of global blockchain projects including a decentralised vetting system, the Metacurrency project and building blockchain enabled carbon marketplace for the trading of carbon-based commodities – EE3. Riley is also preparing for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Please come along, sit back and enjoy hearing Riley’s story.

Bitcoin Brisbane – August meetup with Flux

Thought Works Brisbane and Bitcoin Brisbane, hosted Max Kaye, from the blockchain based Flux Party (VoteFlux.org) and XO.1

Max gave a fantastic talk which I streamed live via YouTube.  You can watch the session here.   In the future,  Ill also monitor the comments section for questions from the online viewers. Thanks to everyone who came.

Note:  YouTube channel can be found here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj86QGJRRVJOtB-zW2AjZTw

Blockchain Australia @ Linux Conf 2017

The Linux Conf 2017 has just wrapped up in the City of Hobart, Tasmania.

The Conference saw 3 days full of inspiring, educational, technical and conceptual discussions on a wide range of topics around Linux and the Open Source communities.

As the head of Blockchain Australia, an Australian based advocacy group charged with introducing and educating about the benefits of blockchain and bitcoin to a wide cross section of the community, it was a pleasure to make the trip to Hobart to do a short presentation outlining decentralisation and the role that blockchains can play in the process.

Being limited to 20mins, the presentation was a very high level view of several use cases where bitcoin/blockchain could add efficiencies to existing systems or create new systems that were previously impossible.

My presentation touched on bitcoin, Flux, smart contracts, among other things along with an interesting story about the island of Yap and the rai stones that are used as money. I my view, this was a precursor to the blockchain in the way they money was moved from individual to individual via a community meeting.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our efforts, please join our association either as an individual member or a corporate sponsor.

Adam Poulton



June 2016 Bitcoin Halving is Near!

The halving is near!

For those who are new to bitcoin or need a refresher, bitcoin “halving” occurs about every 4 years. This was built in to the protocol to reduce the supply of bitcoins over time, arguably to make bitcoin more scarce. When miners find a block, about every 10 mins, they are paid 25BTC for their efforts. Around the 10th of July this reward is set to halve to 12.5.

Please see the meetup board for your nearest halving party.

Our node bitcoinbaa3.cloudapp.net is running well. We recently upgraded it to core 0.12.1. At one point we had over 100 connections to it!

The colour coin membership development is still ticking along. We have setup our NodeJS endpoint to automate this process.

A slack channel has also been setup to engage with the community. Visit at: bitcoinaustralia.slack.com

Lucas has been busy preparing for the Block Chain summit in Melbourne. Unfortunately Adam could not make this event, due to his recent commitment to run for Senate with VoteFlux.org in Tasmania. This will be a great way to promote the BAA. Note: All flights and accommodation have been paid by the attendee themselves.

As mentioned above, one of our founding members, Max Kaye has recently registered his party VOTEFLUX.ORG | UPGRADE DEMOCRACY! and is fielding candidates in all states at this Federal Election. Adam has been selected as the Tasmanian candidate and is running alongside Max in their effort to gain at least one senate seat.
If elected, a Flux senator promises to vote according to the will of the Flux members as expressed via the Flux App. More info at voteflux.org