Episode Two: Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen & the Great Crypto Divide on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

In the final instalment of this two part series on the Great Crypto Divide we chat again with Lien Truong of Huobi Australia, and Lucas Cullen: blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger. Lien explains the history of Bitcoin Cash and the subsequent forks leading to SV and ABC while Lucas explains the necessary need for adoption and the fact that the banks are likely laughing at the riven crypto community.  Both Lien and Lucas agree that whoever will win the great scaling race will need to take a crack at some pretty good marketing if they want to succeed. 

We also chat with our first ever guest on the Clothesline JP Parker about how to solve the issues within the community.  JP discusses with Abheeti the messages from Joshua Vial, founder of Enspiral who talks about ‘Escalating the Bandwidth’ in order to solve conflict. We also chat with Hayden Otto, voice of Bitcoin Cash in Australia and Executive Editor of CoinSpice where he emphasizes not wasting time on changing peoples minds but rather focusing on crypto adoption.

This episode is an attempt to shed light on the ever increasing divide within the crypto community and to perhaps offer some tips on how to resolve the drama.

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Episode One: Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen & the Great Crypto Divide on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen on Crypto Clothesline Podcast chat about the great crypto divide between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lightning Network, BSV, Bitcoin ABC and the wars within the crypto community. 

In the first instalment of this two part series on the great Crypto Divide we chat with Lien Truong of Huobi and Lucas Cullen a blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger. The question of what has become of the crypto community has our minds boggling when we consider the infighting, attacks and division of camps. We have found ourselves in a position where particularly in Telegram chat groups there is constant wrangling between the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC and Lightning Network supporters.
Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.

CoinTelegraph Blockshow Asia Singapore

Blockshow Asia in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with (L-R) Sheree Ip (Blockchain Australia), Dr Stephane Savanah (Chief Scientist, Obito.io), and Alex Medana (CEO, FinFabrik).

CoinTelegraph brought Blockshow Asia back to Singapore’s shores last week at Marina Bay Sands, with over 100 international speakers for the event. 

Board Member, Sheree Ip, was invited to host Cointelegraph BlockShow’s panel session “Where the Future Lies: Why Capital Markets Really Need Blockchain?”. On the panel was Dr Stephane Savanah, Chief Scientist at Obito.io, and Alex Medana, CEO of FinFabrik, Founding Board Member of FinTech Association of Hong Kong and Digital Economy Task Force of UN ESCAP Sustainable Business Network. 

The panel session covered many discussions on both the technical and business fronts of using blockchain technology in capital markets, how the technology is key to improving the verification and efficiency in transactions, and how it can be applied across numerous different asset classes. Watch the first day here https://youtu.be/uY10df3rAdY.

The week long event opened with the Blockshow Asia conference over the two days, packed full of evening networking events. The two day conference was followed by “The Future of Token Economy” from SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) event. The week was completed with an open day from all hubs, accelerators, and companies who opened their doors to attendees for panel session discussions in Singapore.

CoinTelegraph Blockshow Americas

Blockchain Australia Board Member, Sheree Ip, with Founder of BTCChina and Board Member of BTC Foundation, Bobby Lee.

Blockshow announced its new international conference in Las Vegas, USA this year, focused on government initiatives, insights on central banks, and the evolution of law and regulations. 

Board Member, Sheree Ip, was invited to speak at CoinTelegraph’s Blockshow America on the panel discussion “Does Blockchain Technology Really Define The Future of Real Estate?”. 

Alongside Mark Mueller-Eberstein (Investor, best-selling author), Ricky Ng (Chairman and Founder of IHT), Piper Moretti, CIPS (CEO of The Crypto Realty Group), and Luca Burlando (COO of Crypto Real Estate AG) the panel discussed whether blockchain defines the future of real estate using token technology, tokenization in the space, buying real estate with crypto, investments, consumer protection and more. Watch the full panel here: https://youtu.be/TE-9643EIdE 

The conference saw an array of speakers from Joanna Maska, CEO of Global Situation Room and former White House Director of Press Advance for President Barack Obama, Mike Butcher, editor at large at TechCrunch, Bobby Lee, Cofounder of BTCChina, Michael Bisping, former UFC Champion, to Dr Nouriel Roubini, Co-founder & former chairman of Roubini Global Economic – whose panel session sparked quiet the heated debate on “The Great Controversy: Blockchain As Seen From Major Institutions Perspective”. Watch the full panel here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF0tJ_WqDhI

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