Anu Bhardwaj of Women Investing In Women Digital on Crypto Clothesline

If you thought you would never find the real Crypto Queen, you can thank us later but first you MUST listen to episode one of the Money Season with Anu Bhardwaj.
Anu is not only the founder of Women Investing In Women Digital she also founded the State of Women Radio + TV network and started her own company.  With extensive experience in private equity and venture capital including collaborating with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Trade Administration, and the U.S Embassies of many countries around the globe this woman is literally a super hero.
We guarantee you, you’ll be stalking her on the below links as soon as the episode ends!
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Tone Vays – Crypto Trader and YouTube Influencer on Crypto Clothesline


Tone Vays is a well-versed crypto trader and influencer with nearly 80,000 YouTube subscribers. A former Wall Street trader and vice president of JP Morgan Chase, he’s got some valid and varied experience behind him.

Tone tells us about having morphed through many career changes. He started out studying geology, then went on to being a teacher.  After that he got a Masters in Financial Engineering and then ended up working on Wall Street building risk models. Tone went on to becoming a trader and then transitioned to being a public speaker. Now he works as a content creator with a highly successful YouTube podcast.

You can find Tone on YouTube, make sure you subscribe because this channel is digital gold (perhaps like Bitcoin). Tone Vays -YouTube Channel    Twitter  

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Shireen Yip from Travel By Bit on Crypto Clothesline


Shireen Yip. COO of Travel By Bit is a kite surfer and traveller… She found that one of the problems with travelling was the complexity that comes with exchanging currencies. Shireen and her partner Caleb built Travel By Bit from the ground up and have made travelling with crypto easy using their technology. Join us for for this inspiring episode with Shireen as we learn all about the town of 1770, paying for our holidays with crypto and how this incredible woman is paving the way for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

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Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.