Episode Two: Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen & the Great Crypto Divide on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

In the final instalment of this two part series on the Great Crypto Divide we chat again with Lien Truong of Huobi Australia, and Lucas Cullen: blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger. Lien explains the history of Bitcoin Cash and the subsequent forks leading to SV and ABC while Lucas explains the necessary need for adoption and the fact that the banks are likely laughing at the riven crypto community.  Both Lien and Lucas agree that whoever will win the great scaling race will need to take a crack at some pretty good marketing if they want to succeed. 

We also chat with our first ever guest on the Clothesline JP Parker about how to solve the issues within the community.  JP discusses with Abheeti the messages from Joshua Vial, founder of Enspiral who talks about ‘Escalating the Bandwidth’ in order to solve conflict. We also chat with Hayden Otto, voice of Bitcoin Cash in Australia and Executive Editor of CoinSpice where he emphasizes not wasting time on changing peoples minds but rather focusing on crypto adoption.

This episode is an attempt to shed light on the ever increasing divide within the crypto community and to perhaps offer some tips on how to resolve the drama.

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Episode One: Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen & the Great Crypto Divide on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen on Crypto Clothesline Podcast chat about the great crypto divide between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lightning Network, BSV, Bitcoin ABC and the wars within the crypto community. 

In the first instalment of this two part series on the great Crypto Divide we chat with Lien Truong of Huobi and Lucas Cullen a blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger. The question of what has become of the crypto community has our minds boggling when we consider the infighting, attacks and division of camps. We have found ourselves in a position where particularly in Telegram chat groups there is constant wrangling between the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC and Lightning Network supporters.
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Dr Prash of Caleb and Brown on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week we discuss the mental health effects of day trading and being emotionally invested in cryptocurrency with Dr Prash of Caleb and Brown.

On a more serious note (after the intro discussing the pole incident lol) we head straight into the topic of trading cryptocurrency and how it can be a stressful activity. This relatively new market goes through highs and lows on a regular basis. Often, there’s a great deal with risk associated with any investment but even more risk associated with trading cryptocurrencies. For this reason, it’s often reported that those who trade cryptocurrencies experience emotions of stress and sadness on a regular basis. In poker playing and gambling there are emotions of anger or sadness and is known as being on “tilt”, as you’re tilted from playing optimally. The same thing applies to trading cryptocurrencies. Someone who trades regularly can feel compounding negative effects on their mental health as one loss leads to a series of losses made from poor judgement decisions based on emotions instead of reason. In our discussion with Dr Prash we look at the various reasons why trading can be inherently stressful and potentially negatively impact on family, finances and health.  Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.

Karen Cohen and Anouk Pinchetti live at BlockConscious Summit 2018 on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week we go back in time to a cosy couch conversation at the BlockConscious summit last year with two of our favorite blockchain movers and shakers! As a bonus we sneak in a snippet of the panel discussion at the BlockConscious Summit which was moderated by JP Parker “Re-imagining Our Future” with Lucas Cullen,  Dr. Prash, Karen Cohen, Professor John Flood (Griffith University), Abheeti Kathryn Pass and Joshua Marriage from CloakCoin. It was this panel that got our brains ticking over around privacy, adoption and mindset. 
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Dr Scott Stornetta: Co-Inventor of Blockchain on Crypto Clothesline

Speaking with the original co-inventor of Bitcoin was such a warm and friendly experience… Nothing like you would imagine Satoshi Nakamoto would sound – If you believed the rumors that Dr Scott Stornetta is in fact Satoshi.  It is safe to say we absolutely do not believe these rumors however there is still space for us to be wrong. 

Blockchain was not born together with Satoshi’s Bitcoin white paper, it had been mooching around for almost 20 years before Satoshi started creating new layers on top of the original protocol, thereby creating Bitcoin…
Scott went on to tell us that although their processes were on track, technology was just not there yet as the biggest storage drive was just 10mb compared to our terabyte hard drives we have now. 
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Amanda Alexiuc of Living Room of Satoshi on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This interview with Amanda Alexiuc from Living Room of Satoshi (LROS) was long anticipated and still gives us warm and fuzzies.  Not just because Amanda is our friend but because the Living Room of Satoshi was our first paid sponsor when we were so small even our family had to be reminded about that podcast thing we were doing. The Living Room of Satoshi took a leap and trusted we knew a little bit about what we were doing and jumped in with us. For this we are forever grateful. 

Amanda reminded us that the first moment we dip our toes into the crypto waters is daunting, overwhelming and can often be a lifetime of learning in such a raw and volatile new space.  You can find LRoS on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit and at https://www.livingroomofsatoshi.com/ Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.

Alex Saunders of Nuggets News on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast


If you are wondering where the most untapped crypto community is in Australia… this episode is for you.

Alex Saunders, Australia’s most influential crypto star and the man behind Nuggets News shares with us the climate of crypto in Tassie.  The cricketer, pharmacist and YouTube sensation shares some refreshing stories surrounding the beginning of the Tasmanian crypto meetup in 2012 with just two members. Alex also tells of the merchants who were accepting crypto long before many of us heard even a twinkle of the word Bitcoin.

Alex has over 30,000 YouTube subscribers and attributes his success to helping beginners for free during the 2017 Bull Run.  Alex shares incredibly valuable and insightful guidance for anyone who has fallen into the rabbit hole and continues to offer educational materials through his various platforms including YouTube and his memberships.

You can find more of Alex here on YouTube or you can head straight to his website.

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Navroop Sahdev on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

A Human Blockchain Bridge Between Theory And Practice

Navroop Sahdev is a dynamic and positive force in blockchain technology.  Possibly even more importantly, seeing our present unfolding into the future faster apparently than the speed of light, she’s effecting change also through emerging technology in its various manifestations, layered over a fundamental foundation of blockchain.

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Roman Light of the French Yellow Vests on Crypto Clothesline Podcast


This first week of season two is a showstopper comprising of two episodes interviewing the trailblazers behind the Yellow Vest Movements (YVM) in both France and Australia. Roman Light, the visionary behind the French YVM reports on the motives behind the movement and the current volatile situation in France. 

In a further twist, the CIR (OR RIC in France) would have a multitude of other functions including the ability to repeal existing laws and amendments to the constitution. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain were key topics in the interview with blockchain technology being the vital component in the intended decentralised, encrypted and secure voting application.  

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Lucas Cullen A Blockchain Developer on Crypto Clothesline Podcast


‘Brisbane’s Bitcoin Grandpa’

This week we interview Lucas Cullen, often referred to as ‘Brisbane’s Bitcoin Grandpa’.  We could write a whole blog just on his achievements alone but it is safe to say that this would not tie in well with his humble and grounded approach to life.

It did take us three attempts to tie this man down to an actual interview, and it was a pleasure to finally chat with him about his life, observations, thoughts and predictions on the future of crypto and blockchain.

You can find more on Lucas and his roles at Bitcoin Brisbane

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