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Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre: Final Report and Recommendations

Today is a watershed day for the digital assets sector in Australia. 

The Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre report has been released. We are grateful for the work of all of the Committee members and the active engagement we’ve experienced with the Chair Senator Andrew Bragg.

The industry has been heard and the unsung efforts of many have been recognised in recommendations that firmly put the digital assets sector on the Australian political agenda.

We can look to the future knowing that recommendations such as the recognition of DAO structures will send a very strong signal to the world that we are ready to lead this conversation. Licensing, custodial services and the taxation implications have all been elevated in this report. The work begins to put meaning to those words and in the development of an inclusive and progressive regulatory framework.

Credit goes to all those who have persisted in moving this industry forward. You have moved the needle.