Crypto Merchant—— Crown & Co. Barbers

Get a cut and drink a beer in a 50’s style shop

Meet Ms R. Badass💇 cut specialist and get your crypto haircut 😝. Check out Crown and Co when visiting Fortitude Valley,  Brisbane.

Book a specific time or just walk-in. 🌹💐And best of all is you can pick your barber!! 🌹💐

Crypto coming to Tasmania 🍾👍🥐☕️

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Acceptance of cryptocurrencies around Australia is picking up momentum as Travel By Bit merchants start popping up in Launceston, Tasmania.

To celebrate we are offering a $30 Gift Voucher for the best suggestion of a ‘crypto’ ized menu name.


Post your suggestions in the comments.

I am also in discussions with several other food outlets along with a large organisation employing hundreds of people to both start accepting crypto for invoices and POS payments along with offering all staff crypto wages.

How safe are your words?

This week has seen the launch of an innovative new product developed here in Australia called SAFEWORDS by Coinstorage Guru ( The product is a distributed mnemonic seed storage kit including everything that you need to make a 2 of 3 backup of the mnemonic seed for your cryptocurrency wallet.

SAFEWORDS breaks your mnemonic seeds into three partial solutions which are then committed to three separate cards. No card on its own has enough information to compromise your wallet, and any two of the three cards together can recover your seed. The cards are stored in envelopes with branded, serial numbered tamper evident seals adding a further layer of security to your storage solution.

The SAFEWORDS kit includes the seed cards, storage envelopes and a set of tamper evident seals with a matched unique serial number. The kit is supplied in a protective sleeve inside a mailing envelope. SAFEWORDS is fully customisable and can be branded to suit any requirements.

SAFEWORDS is a simple, safe and cost effective way for any cryptocurrency user to backup any wallet which has a mnemonic seed and to then store that backup in a zero trust environment.

SAFEWORDS is only available through and Blockchain Australia  members will receive  a 10% discount. Click here to see the coupon code. Product shipments are live now and orders within Australia will usually take 2-4 business days to ship.

BA – Helping the ATO combat Bitcoin tax scammers

The ATO has engaged Blockchain Australia to help in the battle against scammers utilising bitcoin to con people out of their hard earned satoshi’s.

The latest battleground on this ongoing war is with the scammers accepting bitcoin in payment for the alleged ATO tax debt.

“While the ATO is concerned about scammers moving to adopt cryptocurrencies, taxpayers should remain vigilant for other versions of the fake tax debt scam. Scams demanding direct deposits into third-party bank accounts, demanding payment via iTunes cards or with a pre-paid Visa gift cards remain the most frequently reported to the ATO.”    ATO Media Release.

As always, users should be careful when dealing with anyone on the phone or online and verify any claims made against them with the government directly.

The full media release can be found at;

Tasmanian visit by Blockchain Scientist Riley Kinnunen

Blockchain Australia is proud to be working with ACS to organise a meetup at the innovation centre, Enterprize, in the Hobart CBD on Wednesday 21st of March.
Riley’s organisation has joined forces with BA Corporate Member Civic Ledger for the purposes of building an Ecosystem Exchange platform. The MVP will be heavily biased towards Carbon Credits, with allocate 1.2 million allocated after the initial ICO. It will also bring on a reef ecosystem credit, and a turtle biodiversity credit backed by CSIRO research on protection methodologies.
We hope our Tasmanian members can join us live at the event or via our You Tube Channel where we will livestream the event.

Facebook Event Details –


Board members Vietnam Blockchain Week tour

Lucas Cullen
Lucas Cullen

The Inaugural Vietnam Blockchain Week 2018 held in Ho Chi Minh City on March 7-8, attracted over 2,000 attendees and experts. VBW2018 is the first major Blockchain conference in Vietnam and the region that acknowledge the transformation from the fourth industrial revolution, this high-profile event develops the key theme of empowering 4.0 technologies. 

Board member, Lucas Cullen, was invited to speak about blockchains on Microsoft Azure and ERC20 & ERC223 tokens.



Women in Blockchain: Talking with Riley Kinnunen, EE3 and Flux Party

This month, Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup will be talking with Riley Kinnunen, Co-Founder of EE3 and a key organiser of the Flux Party. EE3 is a blockchain company building a market place for the trading of carbon credits. The Flux Party is a political movement using blockchain technology to modernise our democratic systems.

Riley is a mathematician and a technologist, an early adopter of Bitcoin and is deeply immersed in blockchain technology. When not working hard behind the scenes at Flux, Riley is involved in a number of global blockchain projects including a decentralised vetting system, the Metacurrency project and building blockchain enabled carbon marketplace for the trading of carbon-based commodities – EE3. Riley is also preparing for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Please come along, sit back and enjoy hearing Riley’s story.