Blockchain Australia recently conducted our annual Board elections.


We are delighted to announce that the Board which will lead Blockchain Australia in 2020 is:

  • Rob Allen
  • John Bassilios
  • Karen Cohen
  • Grant Colthup
  • Nicholas Giurietto
  • Michael Go
  • David Jackson
  • Adam Poulton
  • Paul Pounendis
  • Adrian Przelozny
  • Anya Nova
  • Leigh Travers


The Board has appointed Adam Poulton as Chair and Rob Allen as Deputy Chair, John Bassilios has been appointed Company Secretary and Leigh Travers as Treasurer.


The Board also appointed Chairs for four Board Committees.  Leigh Travers will chair the Finance & Governance Committee, Karen Cohen will chair the Member Services Committee, Paul Pounendis will chair the Education Committee and Nicholas Giurietto will chair the Policy & Government Relations Committee.


The incoming Board wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the retiring Board members all of whom have been made Fellows of Blockchain Australia in recognition of their service to the blockchain community in Australia.  Thank you to Ronald Tucker, Cindy Nicholson, Rupert Hackett, Richard McCarthy, Sheree Ip, Alex Saunders, Martin McGinty, Lucas Cullen and Caleb Yeoh.


We look forward to an exciting year in 2020 in which we will continue to grow Blockchain Australia and, more importantly, advance the adoption of blockchain technology.


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