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UCOT Australia

Established in 2017, UCOT (Ultimate Chain of Trust) is an Australian Company focusing on blockchain based technology. Committed to helping brand enterprises complete industrial interconnection, transformation and upgrading, UCOT has developed an enterprise-level platform based on the integration of next-generation information technology and real economy, such as blockchain, Internet of Things, and big data. The platform addresses big problems and concerns raised in the fields of anti-counterfeiting, intelligent agriculture, and food traceability. UCOT currently involved in industrial applications such as pharmaceutical tracking, wine identification, asset tracking, cold chain logistics.

UCOT blockchain + IoT integrated ecosystem of the global patent protection of the superior chain, combined with the parallel multi-service chain structure to achieve unlimited expansion, will establish a trust channel and cooperation mode between the enterprises within the ecological, let the supply chain face the line, Form a three-dimensional system that is efficient, safe, low-cost, and easy to manage. Landing products include UTracer app, UCOT’s world-leading authentic traceability mobile platform built using a fusion of IoT and blockchain technology; UTMS, the enterprise traceability management system to provide authentic and reliable big data; UTracker d, the accurate detection and real-time smart transmitter; UPhoto app, the authoritative tool for resource protection and dispute resolution; ULock, the remote security guard to lock/unlock and track possessions in real time; and UCerti, the smart document tool for instantaneous certificate issuing and notarization.

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