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Tide Foundation

Tide is open source software powering a privacy compliant, decentralised personal data economy. Helping organisations handling sensitive consumer data to maintain compliance with privacy legislation and avoid consequences of data breaches. Helping consumers control their personal data and share in its trade and monetisation.

Tide was founded by a multidisciplinary team, representing a wide range of stakeholders, including former chairman of global media agencies, as well as pioneering politicians, bank chief economists, cryptography professors, ICT professionals and entrepreneurs. Tide enjoys the support of numerous organisations, including law firm Gilbert + Tobin and a steering committee with representatives of a number of the global media agencies.

Tide have developed ground-breaking technology solving some of the blockchain’s biggest mass-adoption pain points through seamless user experience. From secure username and password based key management on a fully decentralised network to a delegated trustee on a blockchain that enables trustless transactions without the need for users to be online.

Tide is actively developing partnerships with systems integrators to facilitate widescale adoption. They are also heavily involved in discussions with governments, campaigning for appropriate privacy legislation and the enablement of trustless technologies to aid with accreditation and compliance.

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