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Swyftx is an Australian Digital Currency Exchange that was founded in 2017 and is now trusted by over 20,000 Aussies, who have traded more than 150 Million AUD, to provide a fast, secure, affordable and supportive trading & investing experience. Swyftx was built to solve the many problems that were faced by Australian traders, such as low liquidity, poor service, high fees and dated platforms. Our global network of liquidity providers and fiat banks enables us to deliver low fees, razor sharp spreads and reliable banking to all our customers. Swyftx treats its customers like family, providing personalised on demand customer service & support via phone, live chat and email 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, 365 days a year. To top it off, the Swyftx platform can be accessed anywhere, any time, on Windows & Mac PC’s, or downloaded from the app store on iOS or Android.

Swyftx recognises the huge responsibility that Crypto Exchanges carry to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorism activities using Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and as such, takes one of the strongest stances in the industry. A study conducted by Swyftx recently identified that users of Crypto Exchanges are 2.5x times more likely to be involved in fraud or scams than traditional money remittance platforms. Of those cases Swyftx was successful in its recovery attempts 61% of the time, in comparison to the benchmark obtained for other providers of 13%. We look forward to sharing our many more features and future innovations with the community, for a better, faster and safer crypto journey.

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