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SSI at 460degrees

SSI at 460degrees is a strategic investment in the emerging technology of Self-Sovereign Identity by the 460degrees Expert Management Agency. As an expert management agency, 460degrees provide services for a number of experts and their clients across a number of sectors.

The SSI team at 460degrees is a unique offering. We provide awareness, education, consulting, design, and solution realisation capabilities for enhanced trust in digital transactions. With design, consulting and operational skill-sets, we have deep experience in the Financial and Education sectors. Our primary focus is in how the Self-Sovereign Identity model can provide secure, privacy and trust enhancing capabilities for all people, organisations and things.

The SSI team at 460degrees are an active participant and contributor to the global open source / open-standards self-sovereign identity (SSI) community. Currently co-chairing the Sovrin Guardianship Working Group, we also have partnerships with leading international SSI platform developers and have built our own demonstrators using the open source technology. We are actively sponsoring education and research programs with Australian Universities in areas such as cybersecurity and digital identity in Smart Cities. Key blockchain capabilities include the use of the DID and Verifiable Credential standards across distributed ledger technologies such as the Sovrin network.


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