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Secure Logic

Secure Logic is a provider of cyber security, digital identity and privacy services.

Founded in 2006, Secure Logic has become a leading provider of innovative Cyber Security Services and Consulting Services in Australia. Today, Secure Logic is a Cyber Security Technology Leader with a focus on delivering innovative Cyber Security and digital identity solutions. We are working with some of the most difficult challenges faced by modern enterprises, such as transitioning whole organisations to As a Service model, detecting emerging threats predictively, and completely re-thinking how digital services are being delivered.

Secure Logic is an early adoptor of distributed ledger technologies, in particular as they apply to digital identity management and integration of blockchain-based digital identity systems with existing business environments.

Secure Logic’s TrustGrid™ is our flagship product which supports rich identity attribute management capabilities, privacy preservation, trusted smart contract execution, and zero-touch workflow integration.

Secure Logic has been working with the NSW Government (Service NSW) on using TrustGrid™ technologies for the delivery of the government digital services to the public.

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