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Secure Health Chain

We are a group of Australian Doctors that believe we can do things better. We are building Australia’s first blockchain based digital health record. It will be a secure and easily accessible place for all Australian’s to house their precious medical information.

Secure Health Chain will integrate with most aspects of modern healthcare and will serve as a ‘single source of truth’ for all health-related data. The core of our product utilises blockchain technology which stores our data in a way that is many orders-of-magnitude safer than traditional server-based storage, and yet at the same time is available always and everywhere. It is being built by three medical professionals who understand the necessary requirements for such a system.

We are currently building our MVP and regularly speak at key health data events around Australia.  In June we ran a blockchain workshop at the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) national conference.  Later in October, we are presenting at the HIMMA national conference and in November we will speak at the Healthcare Innovation and Wild Health Summits in Sydney.  We have been selected to progress to the rapid fire round in the MedTech’s got talent competition and was a delegate on the Austrade Blockchain mission to China and Taiwan.

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