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Salerno Law

Salerno Law is one of Australia’s leading fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology legal advisory
services. With a wealth of experience from early adoption and practice in fintech law, Salerno Law has an
experienced team of experts to take your business to the edge of technology.

Salerno law specialises in:

  • Bitcoin and digital asset transactions;
  • Licensing and trading requirements for new Digital Currency Exchanges registering with AUSTRAC,
    including comprehensive Compliance Programs and Independent Reviews compliant with ADCA
  • Tax implications related to virtual currencies ownership and trading activities within the existing Australian
    regulations and legislations around cryptocurrency and fintech;
  • Microcurrency compliance and related services; and
  • Commercial applications of Blockchain technology within a business framework

With offices around Australia and extending overseas to Los Angeles in the USA, and Ayrshire in Scotland, Salerno
Law cares for clients throughout Australia and overseas, including in China, France, the UEA, the United Kingdom,
and the United States.

Salerno Law has a unique take on the fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain space as one of the first law firms
that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for the legal services provided.
Salerno Law strongly believes in the innovation that cryptocurrency and the blockchain space are bringing to the
Australian legal framework.

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets related activities are “all part of the online world now” and Salerno Law and its
team of qualified lawyers are motivated to provide cost-effective solutions and competent legal advices to existing
and future cryptocurrency matters and challenges.

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