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RainCheck provides an online-to-offline (O2O), contextual commerce platform that allows retail brands to both track and influence online product discovery to in-store sales. We also link loyalty rewards, offers or cash-back at product level to any payment card.

The RainCheck Platform will aim to provide a decentralised platform through which token holders will be able to manage and aggregate reward points across multiple loyalty schemes. To enable this, RainCheck plans to provide consumers with the option to combine reward points from multiple loyalty schemes into one digital unit, the RAIN Token.

The RAIN Token has been created to carry out a transfer mechanism on the RainCheck Commerce Platform. This token is based on the Stellar protocol, which was specially designed to enable cross border micro-payments that can handle fast transactions at very low cost.

RainCheck is the first Fintech venture to launch a DLT based loyalty reward points solution on the Stellar open protocol.

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