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PrimeXConnect is transforming the way the world trades food. PrimeXConnect is the world’s first proprietry built enterprise trading software for beef, lamb, pork, poultry and goat.

Today, for all domestic and international B2B trade for meat, the entire sales lifecycle and workflow management is highly inefficient, paper based, fragmented and opaque, directly impacting profit margins.
PrimeXConnect automates and digitizes the trade lifecycle increasing operational efficiency and decreasing operational and sales risk. We achieve this by providing connectivity to existing third party applications
creating straight through process, provide real time price transparency, provide realtime data and analytics to allow smarter business decisions, enable sale manages unrivaled visibility into the sales pipeline and activity and strengthen the relationship between buyer and seller by offering a richer service experience.

PrimeXConnect compliments blockchain technology. Upon a successful transaction on the PrimeX platform, we create a digital output agreed to by both trade counterparts. This contract is an asset that forms a link in the chain. PrimeX aids the advent of blockchain and carries all traceabilty and provenance data points on through the next stage of the supply and value chain.


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