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We are building a multifaceted solution that will function as a repository for pet health records that are portable, secure and owner permissioned. So no more relying on manual transmission of data between Vets, especially in emergency situations. Or having to carry around a separate vaccination card, it will be on hand, anywhere your phone is and you control who can access your pets medical history and when. Petcoin itself is a store of value, through the Petcoin app you can put away one-off amounts or a regular subscription, then that value can be spent on Veterinary Procedures or Pet Supplies and Enrichment. Or send Petcoin to an animal in need via the philanthropic network also built into the app. Petcoin has a 10 year plan to establish itself as a not-for-profit organisation.

Petcoin is a not-for-profit, Incorporated Association (Herriot Lux Inc). Holding international trademarks for Petcoin. Have  our ERC20 token (PETC) deployed to the Ethereum main net and are currently listed
on 3 exchanges including Trade Satoshi, and

Blockchain Australia