Blockchain Australia Member Foundation

NEM Foundation is a technology organisation which supports the growth and commercialisation of the NEM blockchain protocol. NEM blockchain is one of the pioneers of open source; blockchain technology that is used by enterprises, universities and governments utilising advanced cryptography in executing transactions. It is known as an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution. NEM Foundation represents through a diverse and dynamic ecosystem, and we do this by adding partner support, contributing code and tools to the platform, and providing education and training to grow the ecosystem.

NEM Foundation works with partners to implement blockchain solutions for their organisation.

NEM Foundation was a finalist for excellence in blockhain/distributed ledger for the FinTech Australia 2018’s FinTech awards.

With more than 30 ecosystem partners in Australia and New Zealand and hundreds globally, NEM Foundation is represented by the XEM cryptocurrency which is a top ranking digital currency by market capitalisation.

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