Blockchain Australia Member (Nansen) is a company established in 2019 by a small group of technology leaders who were determined to leverage emerging technologies to improve peoples’ lives. Our think big, contemporary attitude ensures we look beyond traditional models to generate creative, sustainable and effective solutions that solve both existing and emerging global problems.​​ For individuals, Nansen operates to develop and leverage technologies to aid in the preservation of fundamental human rights by providing individuals with the ability to protect, preserve and verify their identity, records, achievements and assets in response to conflict, natural disaster, climate change and other forms of displacement and disruption.​​For organisations, Nansen provides evidence storage and transmission, enabling investigators, lawyers, health practitioners and victims of atrocities and other crimes to store and transmit evidence to a trusted authority, securely and safely, whilst automating chain of custody, version control and auditing.​

​We have successfully developed the core platform, allowing the storage and transmission of large datasets, cost effectively using the Azure blockchain. We are currently working with the platforms API set to develop the first two applications. The first application is a mobile phone app that allows individuals to submit evidence of war crime atrocities to the relevant prosecutor bodies whilst meeting evidentiary standards and ensuring no trace of the evidence remains on the users phone. The second application under development is to empower individuals to control sharing of their information on a time and email address basis.

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