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Sustainable Platform

Sustainable Platform provides the world’s largest database (15,000+) of companies measured for their contribution to sustainable development to global investors. Recognized at the highest levels of the UN as a “great resource!”, it enables asset owners to invest sustainably, choose investment managers that walk the talk for sustainable investment mandates, and provides important sustainability data that matters for financial risk. Sustainable Platform is the only certifier of wholistic sustainable development achievements for both public and private companies. In 2018 Sustainable Platform launched Sustainable Tokens, the first truly sustainable token which allows B2B sustainable supply chain transparency and transactions at speed with a virtuous, self-reinforcing circle taking us faster towards true sustainable development.

Companies meeting sustainability criteria are allowed to access the Sustainable Token network. This includes both public and private companies. Sustainable Tokens use blockchain 3.0 distributed ledger technology to facilitate sustainable trade while providing their sustainability credentials in a transparent framework to some of the world’s largest asset owners and downstream customers. Achievements in blockchain include the largest number of tokens ever made to date (77 Trillion), a successful fork and wallet-build with a system that uses no mining and provides friction free transactions with positive contribution to society and the environment. It is the lifeblood of a sustainable future and the first cryptocurrency with built-in compliance features that provide sustainable development contributions for social equity, the environment and future generations.

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