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Established in 2013, Lakeba Group is an established innovator; a future-focused technology firm with an innovative business platform for creating, building and scaling disruptive, digital solutions such as AI, Mixed Reality and Blockchain. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Lakeba Group has a global team of over 150 people with international offices in Italy, India, USA and UK. The Lakeba Group identifies opportunities and solves problems with scalable platforms that are rapidly commercialised to transform industries and drive value for businesses and communities across the globe.

We have a number of ventures, resulting from our Conceive, Create, Commercialise model, including Shelfie, 360dgrees, Ezidox, Quixxi, Paid By Coins, Venturo, Prophetico and Blockchain Against Fraud (BAF).

In conceiving and working together with clients on very specific business and operational challenges, we thrive on the creative process of discovering what the many challenges are, and then investing our own time and development effort to conceive the solutions.  This is reverse innovation at its most efficient.  Once we have cracked the blueprint for the technology solution we circle back to the client and partner with them to implement this into their business.  This level of partnership means we desire the success of the solution as much as the organisation we are building these solutions for. This also gives us the scalability to take that solution to other industries in other markets.

In terms of the commercialisation phase – this provides critical validation of our innovation and the ability to scale the technology. When a new concept has been fully tested and proven its technical validation and commercial viability, a new company is created and added to the portfolio under Lakeba Ventures. This testing and validating process helps to minimise the risk of failure for each new venture. The portfolio of start-ups Lakeba has created are transactional revenue businesses run by an experienced management team and industry entrepreneurs.

Recently, July 2018,  Lakeba launched the The Future Hub. Lakeba’s Future Hub, as part of the Conceive equation, is a visionary division led by the Lakeba Group with a focus on blockchain, and brings together expert partners and international market leaders in technology, legal, education and tax including the likes of Microsoft, Macquarie University, Piper Alderman and Grant Thornton. Fused with Lakeba’s proven commercialisation expertise, Future Hub exists to solve complex challenges across all industries, through the development and implementation of emerging technology solutions.

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