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Digital X

DigitalX is an innovative Blockchain enhanced payment solutions company focused on the global digital payments industry developing fintech products and services in the mobile bill payments and remittance space.

DigitalX has leveraged Blockchain technology and the secure ledger system to create patent pending technology called AirID. AirID forms the backbone of the transaction system for AirPocket, a remittance application designed to provide consumers the ability to securely and cost-effectively make cross border payments. AirID allows sharing of limited chronological sets of payment records, cryptographically linked on the blockchain, allowing a new form of credit verification.

Beyond it’s use in AirPocket, AirID has applications in invoice factoring, supply chain management, academic and professional credentials management, micro-lending, real-time AML compliance and anti-fraud monitoring, trade finance.

DigitalX was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in June 2014 and is publicly traded as DigitalX Limited (ASX:DCC).

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