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Blockchain Global Limited

Blockchain Global Limited is a leading global pure-play Blockchain Technology commercialisation and investment company. Founded in 2014, the company’s investments have ensured year on year profitability. Most recently, Blockchain Global has invested money and technology to acquire a 40% interest in DigitalX (ASX:DCC), the world’s first listed Blockchain company.

To capitalise on the extensive IP from operating blockchain auditing infrastructure across 3 facilities, the Company in 2016 expanded operations beyond providing auditing services for the Bitcoin network, through the material revenue growth for our management consulting division and corporate incubation program.

By assisting corporates and startups alike to understand and harness the power of Blockchain Technology through leveraging our extensive sector specific IP and knowhow, the Company’s consulting division and incubator program proceeded in a number of successful engagements and investments that contributing to the Company’s consulting and licensing revenue. These activities continue to strengthen the Company as a leading global provider of distributed ledger infrastructure and technology.

Our Corporate Incubator Program has incubated companies such as:

  • EXA, Blockchain Auditing and Mining Pool optimisation technology company
  • GlobalBTC, Blockchain asset exchange platform development and white label licensing
  • ACX, Australia’s largest Bitcoin Exchange by volume and orderbook
  • Cryptage Arbitrage Fund, cryptocurrency arbitrage fund.
  • Bitcoins Reserve, Global market maker for blockchain backed assets with Liquidity Engine IP
  • Digital Custodians, smart contracts for Blockchain Backed Asset Escrow
  • Distributed Technologies Institute, Digital currency analytics and insights
  • Merkle Seed, Blockchain Education and Entertainment
  • Cloudbreak, Blockchain asset portfolio investment and management.

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