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Agate aims to be the worlds most comprehensive decentralised blockchain platform for instant crypto payments without volatility risk. For the majority of cryptocurrency users, everyday transactions are heavily impractical on both the merchants’ and buyers’ sides. Lengthy transaction settlements, high transaction fees and a lack of user-friendly merchant facilities mean that many cryptocurrencies, although popular, are not used for commonplace purchases.

Agate is a new, decentralised blockchain and comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and merchant transactions. It boasts the highest transaction speed on the market (instantaneous) with substantially low-cost transaction fees. As the infrastructure includes a user-facing app, smartbot-AI optimal trading, a merchant-facing app, an API platform, stable coin, plugins, a physical Point of Sale (POS) terminal and debit withdrawal capabilities. Therefore, Agate will be a gateway to connect millions of physical stores, online merchants, users and developers to the cryptoeconomy once established. In addition, the ecosystem will be fueled by the AGT token, which is utilized for several use cases in Agate ecosystem.

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