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Hall & Wilcox

Hall & Wilcox is a pre-eminent independent business law firm.

At Hall & Wilcox, our purpose is to enable our clients, our people and our communities to thrive, by practising Smarter Law.

Smarter Law is how we will help our clients achieve their business objectives. Smarter law is how our people will prosper in times of change. Smarter Law means that we are imaginative, agile, tech savvy, collaborative and remarkable.

We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane, and act nationally for Australian-based clients and multinational clients with Australian interests. We work with our clients to meet their needs, at their place of business, wherever they are.

We are a firm of more than 650 people, including 78 partners. We have depth and breadth of expertise across a number of practices and industry sectors.

Our clients are businesses and business people, including public entities, private entities, public sector organisations and business owners. We act for over 20% of Australia’s top 100 companies.

Financial services

  •    Advising on and establishing, cryptocurrency funds.
  •    Reviewing and signing off on whitepapers and accompanying disclosure documents.
  •    Advice on operating digital currency exchanges, including the new Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing registration requirements for operators of exchanges.
  •    Advice on whether a cryptocurrency or digital token is a financial product (which requires compliance with licensing and disclosure requirements) or whether the token environment constitutes the operation of a non-cash payment facility.
  •    Advice on how to restructure an ICO so it is not a managed inevtsment schems.
  •    Advice on the disclosure requirements for an STO.


  •    Advising on the GST implications of trading cryptocurrency through online platforms.
  •    Reviewing business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer onshore and offshore transactions where consideration comprises of cryptocurrency.
  •    Advising operators of electronic distribution platforms (websites, mobile phone applications, gaming platforms and other marketplaces) of the GST implications and compliance obligations.

Litigation and dispute resolution

  •    Advising in relation to a dispute pertaining to a subscription in an ICO.
  •    Advising in relation to jurisdictional and enforcement issues pertaining to the rights of a cryptocurrency owner.


  •    Advice regarding the income tax treatment of dealing in cryptocurrency.
  •    Private binding ruling applications to the Commissioner of Taxation regarding the income tax treatment of dealing in cryptocurrency.
  •    Advice regarding tax structures available for cryptocurrency investments.
  •    Advice regarding tax structures and implications of undertaking an ICO in Australia – both domestic and international.

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