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Emparta is an exciting fintech solution that enables the transmission of money (fiat currency), using blockchain technology. Emparta is set to launch an Australian Dollar backed stablecoin – eAUD – which is backed 1:1 by real Australian Dollars. Leveraging the efficiencies and benefits of blockchain technology, eAUD offers a secure method of payment that is useful for all kinds of commercial transactions (e.g. P2P, PoS, escrow, e-commerce etc.) which can incorporate the use of smart contracts – a key feature of blockchain technology that will revolutionise commerce and trade. This is just the first step of the evolving Emparta technology infrastructure, which is entirely scalable and deployed in a way that allows it to be launched on any blockchain and backed by any fiat currency in the world.

In September 2018 Emparta established an equity partnership with Bit Trade Ltd to assist in the design, build and launch of the stablecoin which is now in its final phase of testing. Bit Trade is Australia’s oldest digital exchange and was a founding member of ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association).

Emparta has also successfully completed a thorough regulatory and compliance review by international law firm DWF, satisfying the complex Australian regulatory landscape.

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