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Elbaite is a Melbourne based cryptocurrency exchange service provider in Australia with a focus on safety for traders. Traders can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies directly with AUD. The platform utilizes the use of AUD escrow functionalities and on-chain transactions to ensure security, and safety. The Elbaite platform is focused on allowing buyers and sellers to be able to connect, and perform direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers directly from the sellers wallet to the buyers wallet without Elbaite (exchange) holding the cryptocurrency.

Elbaite was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia with a mission to bring transparency, security, and safety. Elbaite is the first in the world to combine fiat escrow and direct p2p cryptocurrency transactions. At no stage does Elbaite hold customer’s cryptocurrency, this ensures that all parties have assurity that their bitcoin, or other digital currency is safely within their own personal wallets. Elbaite’s unique trading model means there are no withdrawal, or deposit fees as cryptocurrency transactions happen directly between the two parties. Additionally Elbaite allows carbon-neutral cryptocurrency trading for free with their partnership with UCapture; a global green tech company.

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