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Digitary was launched in Dublin, Ireland, in 2005. Digitary has since grown to become a world leader in digital certification of academic achievements and a trusted provider of secure verified documents to learners, educational organisations, and employers globally. Learner-centric since the beginning, Digitary enables millions of learners to access their verified achievements and to share them with others securely, quickly and easily. Trusted by many leading organisations globally, Digitary is now used in over 135 countries. For further details visit

Digitary is passionate about being proactive in pursuing robust solutions to the issues plaguing our global digital security and mobility, specifically focusing on Self-Sovereign Identity. Digitary strives to continue making positive contributions in the sector, and to further extend understanding and capabilities within the framework of blockchain technology. This includes Self-Sovereign Identity which Digitary is purposefully progressing in conjunction with skilled global partners and highly respected organisations including Blockchain Australia and world leaders Evernym. Recently, Digitary became part of the Evernym Early Access Program, focusing  on fast-tracking SSI innovation, connecting organisations with the tools and resources needed to start building solutions efficiently.

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