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Dacxi is a pioneer of the CryptoWealth sector in Australia. Since 2018, we have helped individuals build wealth by treating cryptoassets as an investable asset class rather than just a trading opportunity. Our specialised technology and services are focused on building community through education and support. This is unusual in crypto yet important for the wealth sector, and will become increasingly valuable with the launch and adoption of tokenized assets. Dacxi is proudly Australian and a member of a global network committed to delivering a unique blockchain based solution for the innovation funding market

Dacxi has its own experienced Blockchain development team and has developed highsecurity Blockchain exchanges. These are designed to be duplicated easily for global rollout and while independent can share liquidity as well as list coins on a single country exchange or alternatively allow them to be traded on multiple exchanges where applicable. Dacxi has successfully launched multiple Smart contracts and tokens and will use these features to assist customers and to successfully drive tokenised crowdfunding when that is enabled. These will be offered along with the constant addition of the most promising new coins in the market. Dacxi is in the process of developing its own blockchain the Dacxi Chainthat will underpin the exchange technology in the future and allow the company to have an investment ecosystem that utilises the Dacxi coin as its medium of exchange

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