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Binance Australia

Binance Australia is a digital currency exchange platform that enables Australian customers to easily buy and trade cryptocurrencies with Australian Dollar (AUD). Backed by Binance, Binance Australia offers users deep liquidity and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods while leveraging cutting-edge technology from’s advanced trading platform.

Binance Australia understands technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain can be hard for people to understand which is why we want to ensure that everyone knows the importance, and also, the significance of
Bitcoin and blockchain and how it can impact their lives.

Binance is more than just a trading platform, we pride ourselves on being a stepping stone that provides education and support for new users in the world of cryptocurrency. Binance has an educational platform called Binance Academy where we educate users on a range of different topics such as what is Bitcoin or what is blockchain.

As a trusted body and key leader in the industry, we are committed to working with peers and regulators to drive discussion that supports constructive policy development that advances the use of blockchain across Australia.

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