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Aus Merchant

Aus Merchant is a registered digital currency exchange and merchant trade network built to support individuals and entities privately enter, understand and travel up-stream through the cryptocurrency markets. Clients work directly with a broker to develop a unique digital asset trade menu of their own, choose from a suite of digital asset brokerage and merchant solutions available within the Aus Merchant trade network and be confident to make the switch to digital assets.

Aus Merchant was formed in 2020 to support investors and businesses with bespoke digital asset brokerage and trade solutions as money continues to transition into a blockchain-enabled financial system. We envisage there will be a range of evolving opportunities as money becomes increasingly digital, therefore emphasise the importance of establishing a trusted network of payment gateways, exchanges, liquidity providers and digital asset service providers to effectively navigate these new systems. Aus Merchant brokers are experts in connecting technologies and leveraging expanding digital asset trade networks to share proactive trade solutions with our clients. We support the transition away from transitional finance to digital assets for our clients with confidence. Access institutional-grade wallet security and a global network of digital asset counterparties to streamline your digital asset trade and investment experience.

Aus Merchant brokers proactively support clients to trade and invest in digital assets regardless of the complexity of the transaction. We offer flexible and competitive prices for over the counter (OTC) trading on large volumes with a range of currency pairs, including transparent trading practices and rapid settlements. Moving into the future, Aus Merchant will continue to add a range of brokerage and merchant services to its digital asset services suite, enabling investors and businesses a place and person to support their adoption of digital assets.

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