Paul Derham

Paul Derham is a financial services lawyer who provides legal advice and regulatory training to

  • Australian and overseas government regulators;
  • Australian professional bodies representing the blockchain industry, the payments industry, the financial advisory industry, the accounting industry;
  • banks;
  • many of Australia’s cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • many of the world’s largest OTC derivatives providers; and
  • other virtual currency industry participants.

Paul is a Partner of leading financial services law firm Holley Nethercote, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.  The firm of 33 staff provides commercial advice and financial services regulatory advice to all financial services sectors.  The firm also operates a licensing team headed up by Frank Varga, ASIC’s previous Head of Licensing for 15 years.

Paul is passionate about driving the right conduct within the diverse virtual currency ecosystem.  For example, Paul was the primary author for the Code of Conduct for Digital Currency Exchanges in Australia.

Paul and his colleagues are currently helping an overseas government body write rules regulating their new digital currency regime.

Paul chairs the Blockchain Australia AML & Financial Crime committee, the Code Committee, the OTC Derivatives Compliance Forum, and the Remittance Compliance Forum, and the FinTech Compliance Forum.

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