February 2020 Newsletter

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  • CEO’s Update: 2020 – Australia’s Year for Blockchain Action?
  • New Blockchain Australia Board
  • APAC Blockchain Conference – Melbourne, 28-30 April
  • The Blockies are Back – Australian Blockchain Industry Excellence Awards
  • Get Behind Australian Bushfire Relief with Cryptocurrency
  • Kraken Acquires Bit Trade
  • Welcome To Our new Members
CEO’s Update: 2020 – Australia’s Year for Blockchain Action?

Australia Day is over. Parliament is back. And the new business year has well and truly begun.

For Australia, 2020 is shaping up as a key year to determine Australia’s place in the global race to transform our economy using blockchain technology.

Globally, more and more countries are moving beyond POC stage to see significant projects enter production. Notably, China continues to lead blockchain innovation with a clear supply chain strategy as part of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the potential to link a central bank digital currency as the PBOC continues experiments with a digital Yuan. Meanwhile, the Libra project highlights the potential for even more profound change in the global payments system.

In Australia, the ASX continues to progress its replacement of CHESS and the beginnings of an innovation network through its DAML initiative. More and more corporates are developing real blockchain solutions – especially in supply chain applications.

Standards Australia is closing in on a successful conclusion to its leadership of the International Standards Organisation Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Systems with notable individual contributions by a number of Australians. Australians are also prominent in the work of the OECD Global Policy Framework for Blockchain.

Australian blockchain start-ups and scale-ups continue to display extraordinary innovativeness and entrepreneurship – but also require reserves of resilience in the face of the headwinds of regulatory uncertainty in too many areas.

Overall, Australia’s record remains mixed with great talent and innovation achieving global recognition but not yet cutting through in sufficient strength to drive a true innovation wave.

The National Blockchain Roadmap, expected to be launched soon by Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Karen Andrews, provides a crucial opportunity to build upon Australia’s strengths in blockchain and launch a concerted and connected policy initiative to make it easier for both corporates and SME’s to drive successful business transformation using blockchain technology.

Better education on the potential of blockchain technology – especially for corporate and government leaders – as well as truly technology-neutral regulatory settings and a willingness to seriously examine blockchain solutions within government are all essential.

With this boost, 2020 could really mark the year that blockchain innovation in Australia accelerates to a new level.

Nicholas Giurietto
Blockchain Australia

New Blockchain Australia Board

Blockchain Australia recently conducted our annual Board elections.

We are delighted to announce that the Board which will lead Blockchain Australia in 2020 is:

  • Rob Allen
  • John Bassilios
  • Karen Cohen
  • Grant Colthup
  • Nicholas Giurietto
  • Michael Go
  • David Jackson
  • Adam Poulton
  • Paul Pounendis
  • Adrian Przelozny
  • Anya Nova
  • Leigh Travers

The Board has appointed Adam Poulton as Chair and Rob Allen as Deputy Chair, John Bassilios has been appointed Company Secretary and Leigh Travers as Treasurer.

The Board also appointed Chairs for four Board Committees. Leigh Travers will chair the Finance & Governance Committee, Karen Cohen will chair the Member Services Committee, Paul Pounendis will chair the Education Committee and Nicholas Giurietto will chair the Policy & Government Relations Committee.

The incoming Board wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the retiring Board members all of whom have been made Fellows of Blockchain Australia in recognition of their service to the blockchain community in Australia. Thank you to Ronald Tucker, Cindy Nicholson, Rupert Hackett, Richard McCarthy, Sheree Ip, Alex Saunders, Martin McGinty, Lucas Cullen and Caleb Yeoh.

We look forward to an exciting year in 2020 in which we will continue to grow Blockchain Australia and, more importantly, advance the adoption of blockchain technology.

APAC Blockchain Conference – Melbourne, 28-30 April

Join Australia’s Leading Blockchain Conference

Blockchain Australia is delighted to partner once again with Quest Events to present the 4th APAC Blockchain Conference to be held in Melbourne on 28-30 April.

The focus for this year’s conference will be on the practical use cases for blockchain technology that are now being successfully deployed by Australian businesses. In addition, new developments in the radically transformative Decentralised Finance sector, regulatory and policy challenges as well as the impact of Libra all feature.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Senator Jane Hume
Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Technology

Caroline Malcolm
Head, Blockchain Policy Centre, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation & Development

Heath Behncke
Executive Chair, Libra Australia

Tim Draper
Founding Partner, Draper Associates

Paul Stonham
General Manager, Distributed Ledger Technology

Jackie Kallman
Head of Innovation Services, ANZ

View the full agenda and register to attend here

The Blockies are Back – Australian Blockchain Industry Excellence Awards

The Australian Blockchain Industry Awards – the Blockies – are back!

The 2nd Annual Australian Blockchain Industry Awards will be announced on April 29 in Melbourne during the APAC Blockchain Conference.

To apply click here

Entries are open now and close on March 29.

There are eleven award categories as well as an overall winner of Blockchain Leader of the Year and Blockchain Business of the Year:

Open only to individuals who are Australian citizens or residents for achievements and contributions in the 2019 calendar year.

– Blockchain Policy Maker or Influencer of the Year
Recognising individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to shaping policy or regulatory issues impacting blockchain technology.

– Blockchain Innovator of the Year
Recognising individuals who have made an outstanding technical contribution to the development of blockchain technology.

– Blockchain Entrepreneur of the Year
Recognising individuals who have demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurship through the deployment of blockchain technology.

– Blockchain Community Leader of the Year
Recognising individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the blockchain community in Australia.

– Female Blockchain Leader of the Year
Recognising women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership regarding any aspect of blockchain technology.

– Blockchain Leader of the Year
The overall Blockchain Leader of the Year will be selected from among the winners of the individual awards based upon their individual category rating and their overall impact across all areas of blockchain technology.

Open only to businesses registered in Australia for achievements and contributions in the 2019 calendar year.

– Blockchain Advisor (Technical) of the Year
Recognising businesses that have made an outstanding impact through the delivery of technical (IT) advisory and development services to blockchain projects.

– Blockchain Advisor (Professional Services) of the Year
Recognising businesses that have made an outstanding impact through the delivery of professional advisory and development services (legal, tax, audit, crypto-economics, marketing, etc) to blockchain projects.

– Digital Currency Exchange of the Year
Recognising the outstanding digital currency exchange.

– Blockchain Project (Government) of the Year
Recognising the outstanding blockchain project of the year developed by a government body or agency.

– Blockchain Project (Corporate) of the Year
Recognising the outstanding blockchain project of the year developed by an Australian corporate (turnover at least $50M).

– Blockchain Start-Up or Scale-Up of the Year
Recognising the outstanding start-up or scale-up company offering services using blockchain technology (turnover less than $50M)

– Blockchain Business of the Year
The overall Blockchain Business of the Year will be selected from among the winners of the business awards based upon their individual category rating and their overall impact on the blockchain ecosystem in Australia.

Aren’t they a bit early?

You’re right. They are a little bit early. Last year’s awards were held in July but this year they will be in April. We are realigning the awards to a calendar year cycle in conjunction with the annual APAC Blockchain conference.

Get Behind Australian Bushfire Relief with Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Australia is proud to support The Crypto Fire Alliance.

Australia has been ravaged by unprecedented bushfires affecting more than 7.3 million hectares of land, half a billion animals and over 3000 homes. Reports are still coming in surrounding the 25 deaths and dozens still missing.
As the rain falls in some parts of Australia it is critical that we do not forget the brave firefighters still fighting fires, the millions of injured animals facing months of recovery and our fellow Australians forced to start again from the ashes. Unfortunately, the summer season in Australia is only half way through with temperatures usually peaking in January and February meaning relief could be months away.

Blockchain Australia are working with the Crypto Fire Alliance and supporting the fundraising efforts alongside Finder, HiveEx, Coinstop, TraderCobb, Nuggets News, Mine Digital and many other generous members of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

The Crypto Fire Alliance is a growing network of businesses, projects, companies and individuals from the blockchain and cryptocurrency community actively supporting the initiative to raise cryptocurrency funds for donation towards selected charities and associations helping Australian’s impacted by bushfires.

Official authorisation has been granted to Finder and HiveEx to raise cryptocurrency on behalf of the Red Cross, Wires (Wildlife) and RFSA. With this approval we are calling on the global cryptocurrency community to unite, help out, and showcase the strength and compassion of our great ecosystem and the true power of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Help support the selected charities by donating cryptocurrency now.

Kraken Acquires Bit Trade

San Francisco based digital currency exchange Kraken recently announced its acquisition of Bit Trade.

Bit Trade is Australia’s oldest digital currency exchange and a founding member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association, one of the forerunners of Blockchain Australia.

The transaction, which was supported by Blockchain Australia members, DWF Law, will see the entire Australian Bit Trade team join Kraken, with CEO Jonathon Miller becoming Managing Director of Kraken Australia.

Welcome To Our New Members

Asta is an End-to-End IT services company that delivers fit for purpose tailored solutions to the SMB markets in Australia and NZ.

View their profile HERE

Bitfloww Pty. Ltd. is an Australian company that provides speedy, professional and reliable cryptocurrency exchange services of large volumes at competitive prices.

View their profile HERE

Block8 is Australia’s leading blockchain venture studio. We partner with startups, enterprise and government to bring a professional product management and technical development capability that take ideas from zero to one.

View their profile HERE

Block & Chain are a technology and software company based in Sydney, which will power the distributed web era with its distributed computing solution, the Unblocked Platform.

View their profile HERE

Decentralised Capital is a specialist blockchain firm focused on developing institutional grade Assets and services. Decentralised Capital is part of the Aura Group of companies.

View their profile HERE

Digital Risk Advisors serves blockchain early-adopters for mass-market maturity and integration. Their team is singularly focused on helping bridge the gap between blockchain and insurance by supporting blockchain companies and their clients with 5M Method-based enterprise risk management and mass adoption strategies.

View their profile HERE

Digital asset fiat to crypto RFQ on/off ramp via 5 currencies (AUD, USD GBP, EUR, NZD), trading fiat to crypto with an emphasis on AUD/BTC pricing and insured custody for clients.

View their profile HERE

PrimeXConnect is transforming the way the world trades food. PrimeXConnect is the world’s first proprietry built enterprise trading software for beef, lamb, pork, poultry and goat.

View their profile HERE

ProvenDB uses Blockchain technology to create the world’s first genuinely trustworthy database. ProvenDB bridges the gap between database and Blockchain.

View their profile HERE

Salerno Law is one of Australia’s leading fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology legal advisory services.

View their profile HERE

Sapien Ventures is a pan-Pacific fintech, blockchain and online marketplace-focused venture capital firm.

View their profile HERE

Tokens for Humanity is the first blockchain-powered charity to be recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Our mission is to reinvigorate public trust in the charitable sector.

View their profile HERE

UCOT (Ultimate Chain of Trust) is an Australian Company focusing on blockchain based technology. Committed to helping brand enterprises complete industrial interconnection, transformation and upgrading, UCOT has developed an enterprise-level platform based on the integration of next-generation information technology and real economy, such as blockchain, Internet of Things, and big data.

View their profile HERE

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