Video chat with founder of Aragon – Luis Cuende

Fresh from the successful ICO, Aragon founder Luis Cuende will join us via video to discuss everything from the Aragon project, the potential of DAO’s in general and his thoughts on the future of the Ethereum blockchain and associated projects.

We will have some set questions ready for Luis and then will open things up for anyone to ask questions.

What is Aragon?

Aragon is everything you need to operate your company or organizational structure, on Ethereum.

Aragon lets everyone create value without borders or intermediaries.

Cap table, vesting, payments, voting, bylaws, fundraising and identity all in a beautiful, unified interface.

For those that want to know more:

Your top level rundown blog post is here. They have quite a transparent dev team and process, have already linked up with the Status team and have working releases for windows, mac and linux.

It will enable smaller, remote teams to come together and enable management and monetisation without dealing with the red tape. You can even raise your own token sale inside the app itself.

Just thinking of the number of startups worldwide that could arise due to this is nuts, and distance/country/etc are no longer issues from both governance nor payments. It’s a red tape killing machine. The team recently locked in the company.eth address for use on the network.

Read more about the Aragon Network, and you’ll see how flexible it is (a recent tweet by the main Aragon dev speaks about building an Aragon module to allow Aragon organisations to have their own Prism portfolios).

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