With the UASF scheduled for 1 August 2017, what better excuse than to have a meetup and talk about UASF & blockchain scaling in general.

What is a UASF?

UASF stands for User Activated Soft Fork. It’s a mechanism where the activation time of a soft fork occurs on a specified date enforced by full nodes, a concept sometimes referred to as the economic majority. A UASF requires a lot of industry support and coordination, which is good practice for eventual hard forks which requires even more industry coordination. In the past, a UASF was successfully carried out to activate the P2SH soft fork (BIP16). The UASF concept was combined with SegWit activation in the BIP148 proposal which can be found here:

If you are coming along for the first time the building entry is Brisbane City Council’s Information Centre off Queen St Mall next to Aromas on the Queen Street Mall

Doors close at 6pm, so try be there before.  If you get locked out please text on 0407928417 or Katrina on 0407759015